Choosing a Flood Prevention Device for Your Home

Fire and water are some of the most catastrophic causes of damage since time immemorial. The most interesting thing is that water can be used to fight fire, but the latter cannot be used to combat water damage. Leaking water from, say a broken or badly broken water line can cause severe damage to your house, items and pose a health threat to you and your family. Death is inevitable in some cases where instant action is not taken. Also water supply to your house will be shut off, and you will go without this essential commodity for days. Below are some of the factors you have to consider when choosing a flood prevention device for your home.

Water Supply

If you do not want to manually halt the water supply to your home due to leaks at specific areas, you should consider installing putting in place a system that senses leaks at various points of your plumbing system, says water damage experts from These systems come with devices that have sensors as such you will be alerted when they detect leakages at particular points and the alarm will wake you up if you are already in bed. The best thing about such a device is that it doesn’t wait for you to get out of bed or come back home from work. In fact, it will automatically respond by turning off the main pipe and thus avoiding further damage to both your households and water system. Such a device is recommended for those of you who carry out maintenance practices for their pipes and fundamentally have concerns for appliance failure.

Point of Use

If your concern is on the detection of leakages in specific points of use, you should go for a flood stop system. Such a system can be installed at the valve (fixture shut-off) instead of the primary water supply. They are simple to install and in fact, you don’t have to hire an extra hand to do the installation. You will then have to put sensors near this appliance so as to alert you any time it detects a leak. Water will be automatically shut off at the specific point of use thus no further damage will be caused. Such a device is suitable for those of you who worry a lot about specific fixtures or appliances. Examples of these appliances include residential heaters, sinks, water filters, washing machines, toilets and water softeners among other household appliances.

Fluid Shut Off

The primary causes of leakages include rupture pipes, fittings, tubes, faulty hoses, supply lines among others. Since there are numerous damages that can be brought about by water leaks, you should consider devices that are capable of shutting off the fluids. This safety device will save you a lot of money that would have been used to fix damages caused by leaking fluids especially water.